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Data Buoys

Data Buoys

The MetPak Pro sensor allows extra inputs making it ideal for remote environmental data buoy monitoring. The MetPak Pro measures the standard MetPak weather parameters including wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, dew point and barometric pressure. In addition it has the facility for extra inputs to be added enabling sea temperature, precipitation, light readings and depth readings to be acquired.

RPR Ltd can supply the sensor alone or work with the relevant authorities to deliver a complete standalone system. The GBR sailing and canoe teams have both used RPR Ltd's systems for medium to long term monitoring of event locations.

School Weather Stations

School weather stations

RPR Ltd have been selling weather stations to Schools and other Education establishments for many years. The FlexiMet Wind and FlexiMet WX systems deliver extremely accurate data that is ideal for research purposes. With a power requirement of only 12V, they are quick and easy to install even in remote locations far away from mains power.

The systems will store all the data locally on the SpaceLogger data logger and from here it can be manually transferred to PC using the SD memory card or viewed live on the PC if the system is within a Wi-Fi network. Data is captured and held within a CSV file format making it easy to view within standard Microsoft programs such as Excel.

RPR Ltd can lease, rent or sell the systems depending on the customer requirements.

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