Wind Systems For The Emergency Services


Fire-fighting / Emergency Response Vehicles

Emergency response vehicles

To understand air movements and deliver accurate plume modelling it is essential to observe real time environmental conditions.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd have developed a complete weather station utilising WindSonic and MetPak technology that can be fitted to first responders vehicles giving instantaneous weather data within seconds of arrival. The system can be mounted directly onto a vehicle or positioned remotely using a tripod or pole mounting fixed to a structure.

The FlexiMet Wind 1 system using WindSonic technology will deliver wind speed and direction whilst the FlexiMet WX 1 with MetPak technology will monitor additional environmental parameters including temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and dew point. You can add additional functionality to the systems with a bespoke easily mountable display to view instant readings, whilst data logging functionality ensures long term data retrieval for report writing and post event analysis.

Now every first responder vehicle can carry the equipment required to analyse and log the data to ensure the safe deployment of personnel.

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