SpaceLogger Data Loggers for Environmental Monitoring


Remote Weather Data Collection

Environmental monitoring

SpaceLoggers have been widely deployed for many varied outdoor environmental monitoring applications, including climatic monitoring as well as indoor monitoring within offices, workplaces, warehouses, schools and other premises.

SpaceLoggers are designed to function remotely requiring only 7-30V DC power. The data is stored on an SD memory card so no PC hook-up is required in the field. In the case of the SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data logger, wind speed and direction can be relayed directly to PC over the local Wi-Fi network.

The SpaceLogger S10 is a hugely versatile data logger and may be configured for virtually any sensor outputting RS232 data, including devices requiring polling or handshake to enable data output.

Typical SpaceLogger Applications

• Weather Data Collection
• Air Quality Monitoring
• NMEA Equipment Data Recording
• Wind Farm Site Analysis
• Pollution & Noise Monitoring
• Road Traffic Analysis

Mapping Conditions & Life on the Sea Bed

Mr Rov submersible with SpaceLogger S10 data logger aboard

SpaceLogger S10 data loggers have been utilised to map the conditions and life on the ocean floor. SpaceLogger S10 data loggers were being towed at depths of 3000 metres whilst taking recordings of CTD (water conductivity, temperature and depth).

The SpaceLogger S10 data loggers were part of the equipment on three 3000 metre depth rated ‘pods' along with batteries, video processing equipment and control electronics.

Marcus Shirley of Mr ROV, a member of the research team, confirmed back to us:

"The loggers worked great and allowed us to reliably record accurate data which we were able to easily import into our scientific modelling software. The time stamping feature allowed us to sync up all the data with the logged data from the ship's GPS and vehicle USBL position transponder, creating a very comprehensive data set. Many thanks for all your help. The SpaceLogger S10 data loggers were great and 100% reliable, which is very important when you're on a ship far from land!"

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