Wind Systems for Environmental Monitoring


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring

With increased awareness and monitoring of air quality there is a demand for accurate sensing equipment that is reliable, low maintenance and durable. Richard Paul Russell Ltd supply complete weather system solutions that can be easily transported and fixed to structures using a bespoke mounting system or remotely positioned using a tripod.

The Richard Paul Russell Ltd systems use ultrasonic WindSonic and MetPak technology which are pre calibrated and have no moving mechanical parts thus require very little on-going maintenance, reducing operational costs.

Pollution Control

Pollution control

Understanding weather conditions such as wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity is essential when trying to analyse pollution the environmental conditions and deliver plume modelling. Commonly monitoring of pollution and environmental conditions takes place in extremely varied locations, from inner cities to remote rural areas.

The FlexiMet system from Richard Paul Russell Ltd uses the Gill MetPak sensor with an integrated WindSonic ultrasonic wind sensor for high accuracy wind speed and direction measurement combined with air temperature, relative humidity, dew point and barometric pressure readings. When used remotely the system can be powered by battery and solar power with the SpaceLogger W10 data logger acquiring the data into a CSV file for easy download to PC. If the system is held within a Wi-Fi network the SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data logger will allow 'real time' viewing of the data on PC or via the Weather-File website.

The majority of systems we supply are customised and Richard Paul Russell Ltd will work with customers to develop bespoke solutions. Our expert team can advise on a solution that will meet your exact requirements.

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