Fire-fighting & Emergency Response




The Kestrel range has been used by fire-fighters and emergency response teams for many years. The Kestrel range has a model that meets all requirements from wildland fire-fighting to search and rescue to hazardous materials response.

Preferred models are the Kestrel 3000 and Kestrel 3500 delivering fire behaviour prediction from wind speed combined with temperature, relative humidity, dew point and wet bulb temperature. This information is key to monitoring heat stress and avoiding heat injury or death of personnel.

Emergency Response

Bridge Coating and Lining

Search and Rescue teams often require additional density altitude with wind readings data to ensure rescue craft and personnel have exact weather conditions ensuring safe operations. The Kestrel 5000 delivers barometric pressure, pressure trend, altitude, humidity, dew point and heat stress readings combined with other parameters in an extremely compact and portable design ensuring quick data retrieval that can be communicated to rescue teams, aircraft and dog team leaders.

HAZMAT teams can rely on the Kestrel 4600 with Bluetooth and portable vane mount as a complete weather kit able to measure all the parameters required for plume modelling whether CAMEO/ALOHA or PEAC. Personnel dressed in heavy protective clothing are safeguarded from the potential effect of heat stress with this variable being specifically measured. Using the Bluetooth data transfer facility all data can be logged and analysed before during and after personnel deployment.

More Kestrel Uses for Rescue Services & Fire-fighting

• Avalanche Patrol
• Border Patrol
• Coroner Reports & Studies
• Dive Rescue Specialists
• Emergency Management
• EMT & First Responders
• Forensics
• HAZMAT/Biohazard
• Canine Handlers
• Mountain Rescue
• Search & Rescue • Environmental Conservation
• Fire & Rescue Training
• Hazardous Materials Response
• Ladder Trucks
• Prescribed Burning
• Smoke Coordinators
• Smoke Jumping
• Structural Fire Fighting
• Forest & Bush Fire Fighting

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