SpaceLogger Data Loggers for Laboratory Applications


Laboratory Equipment with RS232 Output


Much laboratory equipment is supplied with an RS232 output. Where continuous connection to a PC is impractical a SpaceLogger can offer a dedicated data logging solution for short or long term monitoring.

The SpaceLogger S10 is readily configured to record the output from numerous instruments and devices producing time-stamped records in .CSV file format.

SpaceLoggers are commonly used for recording cycle records from autoclave machines. They provide a cost effective and efficient way to monitor equipment with an RS232 output including weighing scales, refrigerators, freezers and storage rooms.

The SpaceLogger T10 model is ideal for balances or analysers with a print command and RS232 output and will keep a text record identical to the paper print-out. This file can be read using Notepad or similar.

Typical SpaceLogger Applications in the Laboratory

• Weighing Scales, Balances & Load Cells
• Testing & Validation
• Analysers
• Mix & Dose Unit Records
• Measuring Equipment Data Logging

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