Wind Systems For Ships & Harbours


Dockside Cranes

Dockside cranes

Dockside cranes can be exposed to the worst weather conditions and as such are susceptible to wind related damage and potential collapse. Operators need clear and accurate wind data delivered to the cab and monitored remotely to ensure they work within guidelines.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd has developed specific wind systems for crane use. The systems utilise a Gill ultrasonic sensor mounted high on the crane jib / boom. This is then linked to a WS-15A display in the cab that has high and low alarm settings ensuring an audible or visual alarm is activated when the wind speed reaches the maximum allowed.

The wind data is recorded using the SpaceLogger W10 or SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data loggers providing date and time stamped data for operator records. In the case of the SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data logger, wind speed and direction can be relayed directly to a site office PC and viewed live using our Weather File website.

The majority of systems we supply are customised and Richard Paul Russell Ltd will work with customers to develop bespoke solutions. Our expert team can advise on a solution that will meet your exact requirements.

Port & Harbour Authorities


Richard Paul Russell Ltd has developed a cost effective stand-alone weather station using the Gill MetPak and Gill WindSonic sensor. The station can deliver wind speed and direction via the WindSonic and add air temperature, relative humidity, dew point and barometric pressure with the MetPak sensor.

The environmental data gathered can be viewed local using the WS-15A display or when connected to the SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data logger over the Wi-Fi network on PC with our WeatherFile.com website.

The system delivers a maintenance free, robust and highly accurate solution for local weather information. Essential data for harbour authorities, visiting ships and recreational water sport participants.

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