Wind Systems For The Military


Missile Trajectory Prediction

Missile trajectory

The RPR Ltd FlexiMet WX systems supply the accurate meteorological data required accurately predict ballistic trajectories within the atmosphere.

A projectile moving through the air is effected by a number of forces including wind, temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity, so accurate monitoring of all weather parameters is essential.



Accurate observation and measurement of surface wind at UAV sites is essential to ensure correct and successful launch and landings. FlexiMet Wind systems allow data to be gathered on site from various locations and analysed.

Because the size and design of UAV's varies greatly, knowing the surface wind conditions is critical to ensure control of the UAV is maintained. Any deviation from the planned flight path can pose a safety risk to ground crew and could result in serious damage to or total loss of the aircraft.

Recently multiple Gill WindSonic sensors have been connected at varying heights with data being monitored via SpaceLogger data loggers giving essential information for post launch and pre landing flight.

Temporary or Remote Air fields

Temporary landing zones

Perfect for temporary airfields or remote airfields, FlexiMet Wind and FlexiMet WX systems are fast to install and ensure personnel on the ground can provide needed landing zone weather data. Data logging functionality delivers long term records ideal for analysis prior to developing a remote or temporary airfield.

Recent applications have seen multiple WindSonic sensors at varying heights gathering data via SpaceLogger data loggers determining the variation in wind velocity from ground level upwards.

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