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Minor changes in air density, water grains, and density altitude can have a major effect on an engine's performance. The Kestrel 4250 Racing Weather Tracker arms racers with the ability to easily measure and track these and other critical factors, such as absolute pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed and barometric pressure.

The Kestrel also provides racers and pit crews with the most accurate and up-to-date data available where you need it most - at the track. It allows tuners to determine what last minute changes need to be made based on the current local conditions, even minutes before the first lap around the track or pass down the drag strip. Bluetooth® data transfer capabilities allow you to easily and wirelessly send track data right to a laptop for an instant log of all race day conditions. Get that competitive edge at a fraction of the cost of other systems on the market.

Drag Racing

Press release from Gold RV Racing:
Drag Racing "Gold RV Racing is pleased to announce we have become an official re-seller of the Kestrel 4250 Racing hand held weather tracker / station. As you may have read recently, we flew in Jim Rizzoli from the US to assist us with tuning the Gold RV A Fuel Dragster and it was him that introduced me to this excellent little hand held device and I just had to get one.

After searching the web I was really pleased to find they were available here in the UK at around the same price as they were in the US and were distributed by R-P-R Ltd. Even better was that they held stocks and fully support the product this side of the pond.

We have also purchased a 4250 for demonstration purposes that will be available at the track, so why not pop by and have a look, if it is good enough for Cory Mac, Jim Rizzoli and the likes, that's good enough for me!

The 4250 Racing comes with a five year guarantee here in the UK and is packed with all the features you need from a weather station, don't be fooled by the price or how compact this unit is as it has been race proven to deliver the functions and accuracy of its much larger and more expensive counterparts all in one neat hand held unit.

So why not give yourself the competitive edge with the Kestrel 4250 Racing weather tracker, altimeter, corrected altimeter, barometer, wind meter, temperature gauge, air density, humidity % and gpp etc. etc. One really nice feature is that you press one button at the time of your run, probably best done by a crew member than the driver and it remembers all the weather data when you actually ran!

Safe racing and good luck with those perfect ET's see you at the National Finals, lets hope the Kestrel 4250 does not show too much moisture in the air, if you know what I mean!"

Derek Flynn, Gold RV Racing

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