SpaceLogger Data Loggers For Scientific Research

  Scientific research

Academic research, product development, testing and analysis all require a high level of accuracy along with convenient data storage.

SpaceLoggers have been used extensively for projects including sub-sea condition research, wind farm site analysis, pollution and noise monitoring and road traffic analysis, particularly where equipment is remote or space or power at a premium.

The SpaceLogger S10 for example offers a versatile solution to gathering data from numerous devices with RS232 output when it would be impractical to have direct link to PC. The SpaceLogger S10 connects directly to up to two RS232 data inputs, the data is stored on to an SD memory card that can be easily transferred to PC.

The SpaceLogger A10 will take up to 2 4-20mA inputs as well as an RS232 input, converting all to a combined, time-stamped serial data output and .CSV file.

Typical SpaceLogger applications

• Flow Measurement
• Remote Site Monitoring
• Fisheries Research
• Data Buoys
• Sub-sea Investigations

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