SpaceLogger Data Loggers for Sport


Recording Of Sports Venue, Athlete & Equipment Performance Data

Wind monitoring for sport performance

Capturing environmental data and analysing it is key to the training and development of athletes and coaches.

SpaceLogger W10 and SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data loggers allow remote capture of weather data in the field, on the water or track-side in the sports stadium. As part of a complete FlexiMet Wind or FlexiMet WX Weather station the SpaceLogger will record all data that can then be transferred either manually to PC using the SD card or viewed in real-time on PC when using the SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data logger.

For monitoring other athlete performance data, a SpaceLogger S10 can be configured for virtually any equipment with RS232 output offering a simple solution to add data logging function to existing or new systems.

SpaceLogger have been deployed at recent Olympic & World Championship venues to provide better understanding of the local conditions to ensure teams have the best information to make critical decisions which may make the difference in achieving a medal.

Typical SpaceLogger Applications

• Venue Wind & Weather Monitoring
• GPS & Performance Data Recording
• Tide or Current Analysis
• Wave Height Recording
• Regatta Analysis

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