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Outdoor Events

Wind is a potential hazard during erection, operation and dismantling of temporary structures. Health and Safety practises may dictate the maximum wind speed a temporary structure can be used. Richard Paul Russell offer a complete system solution that can monitor wind speed, wind direction linked to a display unit and/or PC with alarm and data logging functionality. This will allow continual assessment of the site whilst the structure is in place raise the attention of management if wind speeds exceed a safe limit and log all data for records.

This alert article from SCOSS shows importance of ensuring safe wind levels are adhered to and the need for monitoring

Sporting Events

Sports events

The weather can have a huge impact on sporting events – from sailing to archery to football. Virtually all sports are affected by weather in some way and conditions are important to spectators, organisers and athletes.

Understanding the weather conditions being experienced is vitally important, for example some records achieved by athletes will not be valid if in certain wind conditions, whilst athletes would use information to prepare prior to completion for example when headwinds make running and cycling harder.  In addition organisers have an obligation to cancel events in certain weather conditions.

Richard Paul Russell ltd deliver complete wind and weather monitoring systems that can be used remotely or as part of an event system. We have also supplied systems for sports governing bodies including the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) and British Cycling. The system for British Cycling was measuring wind speed, direction and weather trackside within a velodrome.

Outdoor Broadcasting

Outdoor broadcasting

Outdoor TV antenna and temporary structures can be subjected to wind, rain, snow, UV exposure from the sun, extreme heat and extreme cold. Often mobile structures and antennas will have high wind speed limits for their operation.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd can supply systems that only monitor wind speed and direction or complete weather stations recording temperature, wind chill, humidity, barometric pressure and dew point measurements.

The systems can be developed to link with existing infrastructure or as standalone equipment with their own WS-15A display and SpaceLogger W10 or SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data loggers linked to PC and the Weather-File software and website.

The majority of systems we supply are customised and Richard Paul Russell Ltd will work with customers to develop bespoke solutions, our expert team can advise on a solution that will meet your exact requirements.

Inflatable & Temporary Building Installation

Temporary buildings

The behaviour of inflatables in the wind is extremely complex, they are subject to many unknowns, such as how the wind reacts in its specific locality and in relationship to wind flow around buildings and nearby structures. As the shape of the structure alters the stresses vary on different areas, pressure on a particular area can increase reducing its strength whilst increasing resistance in other areas. These are again related to the internal pressure and load capacity of the tubing. Due to this continual monitoring of wind speed and direction is vital.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd supply systems that can operate remotely using local battery power or powered by local mains supply. The system will take live wind readings every second and average these over a selected period of time, these readings can then be displayed locally using the WS-15A display or directly to PC and the WeatherFile.com site allowing remote viewing of data away from the event itself, if required data can be saved through the Weather-File site or remotely using the SpaceLogger W10 or SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data loggers.

Temporary Stages

Temporary stages

As outdoor events, rock concerts and festivals increase in popularity the use of temporary stage structures with heavy overhead equipment and ground support systems is growing.

These temporary stage structures are vulnerable from increased loads from attached equipment such as lighting and speakers. These loads can be further affected by wind speeds. Furthermore loads can be influenced dramatically by canvas side sheeting or advertising banners that are attached to the stage structure.

The stability of the stage structure can be dependent on ground anchoring systems, kentledge blocks or ballast that help resist uplift and movement. If combined loads from wind speed, lighting and sound equipment exceed a certain point the result can be complete stage collapse.

To ensure the safe construction and management of temporary stage structures it is essential to have a complete management plan in place that includes predicting, monitoring and logging wind speed and direction. Richard Paul Russell Ltd FlexiMet wind and weather monitoring systems offer a complete solution with the ability to monitor and record wind speed and direction remotely and view data over the internet using the local Wi-Fi network linked to our WeatherFile.com website.

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