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Onboard Vehicle Data Logging

Commerical vehicle monitoring

There is a growing requirement for commercial vehicles to monitor load weights ensuring safe working practises and minimise overloading issues.

The refuse market has been quick to see the benefits of data recording highlighting excessive users and increasing recycling efficiency.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd have worked with Vehicle Weighing Solutions linking with their Enviroweigh load cell system which automatically weighs the contents of two and four wheeled bins. Built in to the truck's dash, the SpaceLogger records all bin weight data to a removable memory card. The data for the round can then be easily downloaded to a PC for analysis back at the office.

The SpaceLogger S10 can be configured to record data from a wide range of devices outputting RS232 data acting as a 'black box' recorder with date & time stamping if required.

Typical SpaceLogger Applications

• Wheeled Bin Weighing
• Onboard Systems for Overload Monitoring
• Weighbridges
• Wheeled Loaders & Forklift Loading Records
• GPS Data Logging

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