SpaceLogger Data Loggers & Weighing


Weighing Scales with RS232 Output


SpaceLoggers can add a dedicated logging function to weighing scales with RS232 output.

Simply connect to the serial port for paperless recording of data enabling a standalone and compact solution perfect for remote data logging with no need for direct PC connection. There is a choice of the SpaceLogger S10 or SpaceLogger T10 models for RS232 output.

The SpaceLogger T10 model is ideal for balances with a print command and RS232 output and will keep a text record identical to the paper print-out. This file can be read using Notepad or similar.

The SpaceLogger S10 model can be utilised with continuous RS232 output balances. Data is sampled, time and date stamped and saved to CSV file for easy spreadsheet analysis. A second input is available and will for example allow a bar code reader to assign an ID with each item weighed.

Load Cells with 4-20mA Output


The SpaceLogger A10 can add a dedicated logging function to load cells with 4-20mA output.

The SpaceLogger A10 may take up to two 4-20mA analogue output. Readings are sampled at 75Hz, averaged over 1 second and time and date stamped when stored. The SpaceLogger A10 can be daisy chained for multiple load cell monitoring. Data is converted to ASCII text .CSV file for easy analysis within a spreadsheet.

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