Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter
5-Year Warranty on all Kestrels

Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter

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This product has now been superseded by the Kestrel Sportsman Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics, which is available here »

The Kestrel Shooter's Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics combines cutting edge environmental sensing features with long-range shooting ballistics information in a single hand-held device.

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The supplied Applied Ballistics® software provides the following:

• The full 'Litz' library of G1 and G7 referenced Ballistic Coefficients (BC's)
• Custom drag curve modelling, useful on targets beyond the supersonic range of the bullet
• Ballistic Calibration (truing) feature which will 'train' the software based on actual bullet impact
• PC Loader software; build firearm profiles on your computer and transfer them via wire or Bluetooth

The Kestrel 4500NV meter with Applied Ballistics Technology measures up to 15 environmental parameters and allows users to select from either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficients (BC) when calculating a trajectory at the range. The handy, portable meter also offers the 'Litz' measured BC library of over 225 bullets, which is considered to be the most extensive source of measured data for modern small arms bullets.

Users can also coach the Kestrel Shooter's Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics software to match an individual rifle based on actual bullet impacts at long range with the ballistics calibration feature, which offers even more accurate data points. With easy access to more accurate data, the user can calculate increasingly precise trajectory predictions in a hand held tough Kestrel product

• Calculate accurate elevation and windage targeting solutions for long range rifle shooting
• Use either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficients, OR select from the entire library of Applied Ballistics Custom Curves™ for more than 200 common long range bullets.
• A sample set of the Applied Ballistics Custom Curves is pre-loaded on the Kestrel Shooter's Weather Meter. The pre-loaded Custom Curves are:

     • .308 175gr Sierra Matchking
     • .300 WinMag 190gr Sierra Matchking
     • .308 230gr Berger Target Hybrid
     • .338 250gr Lapua Scenar
     • .338 300gr Lapua Scenar
     • .338 300gr Berger Target Hybrid
     • .338 300gr Sierra Matchking.

• Access to the entire Applied Ballistics Custom Curve library requires the Applied Ballistics Profile Loader PC application together with either Bluetooth® data transfer capability on the Kestrel Meter and PC, or the Kestrel Computer Interface accessory. The Applied Ballistics Profile Loader is a free download from the Kestrel website.
• Train the software to match your specific rifle based on observed impacts at subsonic and supersonic ranges with the True Muzzle Velocity and Drop Scale Factor capabilities. Built-in crosswind calculator and target range estimator.

NOTE: Currently our Bluetooth units are not MAC/Apple compatible.

Kestrel With Applied Ballistics with Bluetooth

Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter with integrated Bluetooth® technology offers the ultimate in hand held and accurate environmental data. Now, both real-time and logged data can be transferred wirelessly and automatically to a laptop or PDA, making a Kestrel Shooter's Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and Bluetooth® technology the perfect tool for virtually any job that requires quick and reliable data.

Available with Bluetooth® Data Transfer - Recommended for Full Gun and Bullet Profile Customization and Backup

What's the difference between the Applied Ballistics and the Horus version?

The main differences between the two models is The Applied Ballistics model has a different truing application with drop scale factor, it has bullet length as a standard gun input (used to calculate spin drift) offers +\- angle input and has the ability to use G1,G7 and custom drag profiles. The unit comes Pre loaded with 7 drag profiles and the Gun loader will have over 100 custom drag profiles to use.

Target Screen

Once the ballistic data is entered, the direction of fire (DoF) is programmed using the Target Screen. This is done by pointing the unit at the target from the firing position and pressing 'Capture' to log it. This sets the compass bearing of the target so the crosswind effect can be computed.
Kestrel Horus Target Screen
Main Screen

The Main AB Screen displays the critical data for making the shot. When the Kestrel is in full automatic mode, the AB software will immediately calculate the windage (W) and elevation (E) setting for this specific shot scenario, constantly updating the firing solution as long as the unit remains facing into the wind. If preferred, an average wind speed may be captured or a value manually entered. Up to five targets may be active at any time and it is quick to switch between their respective firing solutions.
Kestrel Horus Main Screen
Range Card Screen

The Range Card Screen shows detailed information about the ballistic solution at various ranges for the currently selected gun & target. Should a correction be required to the theoretical ballistic data based on observations in the field, a 'True Drop' adjustment may be made so that the elevation correction matches what is actually observed to significantly enhance overall accuracy.
Kestrel Horus Range Card Screen
Environment Screen

The Kestrel 4500NV AB also operates as standard Kestrel 4500 Weather Meter providing readings of wind speed and direction, crosswind, headwind / tailwind, temperature, wind chill, heat index, dew point, relative humidity, barometric pressure, altitude, density altitude, wet bulb temperature, digital compass and time & date.
Kestrel Horus Environment Screen

Weather Mode

• Current wind speed
• Average wind speed
• Maximum wind speed
• Wind direction
• Crosswind
• Headwind/tailwind
• Temperature
Wind Chill
Heat index
• Dew Point
• Relative Humidity
• Barometric pressure
• Altitude
Density altitude
• Wet bulb temperature
• Digital compass
• Time & Date

Choice of Measurement Units

• kt, m/s, km/h, mph, ft/min, Beaufort
• °, cardinal points
• °C, °F
• %
• mbar, inHg, hPa, psi
• m, ft


• Speed ±3% of reading or ±0.1m/s
• Direction ±5°
• Crosswind, headwind, tailwind ±5%
• Temperature ±1°C
• Relative humidity ±3%
• Dew point ±2°C
• Barometric pressure ±1.5mbar

Operational Range

• Speed 0.6 to 60 m/s
• Direction 360°
• Crosswind, headwind, tailwind 0.6 to 60 m/s
• Temperature -45 to +125°C
• Relative humidity 0 to 100%
• Barometric pressure 10 to 1100mbar

Specification Range

• Speed 0.6 to 40 m/s
• Direction 0 to 360°
• Crosswind, headwind, tailwind 3.8 to 40 m/s
• Temperature -29 to +70°C
• Relative humidity 5 to 95%
• Barometric pressure 750 to 1100mbar

For those with after dark requirements, the Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics comes with a low intensity red back-light to preserve night vision.

To enable in depth analysis of data at a later time, the Kestrel with Applied Ballistics can be set up to log data automatically or manually. The stored data can also be uploaded to a PC via an additional Kestrel PC interface. With the Bluetooth model, data may be streamed live via Bluetooth wireless technology.

The Kestrel with Applied Ballistics is compact and weighs only 112g. It is IP67 waterproof and MIL-STD-810F rugged. The Kestrel's robust design has survived years of use by the military world-wide; their quality is backed up by a 5 year warranty.

The Kestrel with Applied Ballistics is powered by two easily replaceable, AAA batteries and has two power saving modes to prolong battery life.

Available options:

NV model
Bluetooth model

Kestrel 4500NV with Applied Ballistics Features

• Calculate accurate fire control solutions for long range rifle shooting
• Select either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficient when calculating a trajectory
• Get ballistic coefficient data for more than 225 long range bullets
• Measure up to 15 environmental parameters at your fingertips
• "Train" the software to match your specific rifle based on observed impacts at long range
• Wind speed/air velocity
• Temperature
• Wind chill
• Relative humidity
• Heat stress index
• Dew point temp
• Wet bulb temp
• Barometric pressure
• Altitude
• Density altitude
• Wind direction
• Crosswind
• Headwind/Tailwind
• Pressure trend

Kestrel Horus Features

• Multifunction instrument
• Graphical three-line displays
• Data capture up to 2500 readings
• Minimum/maximum/average values
• User defined screens
• Language selection
• Compact, rugged design
• High accuracy
• High precision axle and low-friction Zytel® bearings
• User-replaceable impeller
• Fast response temperature sensor
• Easy to read back-lit display
NV version in olive drab or desert tan has red backlight
• Hard cover protects impeller
• Runs from 2 AAA batteries
• Data upload (with optional PC interface or integrated Bluetooth wireless technology)
• Available in olive drab or desert tan
• 5 year warranty


• Long distance target shooters
• Military

  Feature Abbreviation Units Min Max
Target Active Targets - A through E 1 5
Target Range TR yards 25 4000
metres 23 3658
Wind Direction WD o'clock 1 12
degrees 0 360
Wind Speeds 1 and 2 (for bracketing) WS1 or WS2 mph 0 50
m/s 0 22
km/h 0 80
fps 0 73
knots 0 43
Direction of Fire DoF o'clock 1 12
degrees 0 360
Inclination Angle Ideg degrees -60 60
Inclination Cosine Icos - 1.000 0.500
Target Speed TS mph 0 50
m/s 0 22
km/h 0 80
fps 0 73
knots 0 43
Target Direction of Movement TD Left to Right OR Right to Left
Gun Name Characters - 0 through 9; A-Z; a-z; -+/.:&* and space
Muzzle Velocity MV fps 300 4500
m/s 91 1372
Ballistic Coefficient BC - 0.100 2.000
Bullet Weight BW grains 10 1500
grams 0.6 97.2
Bullet Diameter BD inches 0.10 1.00
mm 2.54 25.40
Bullet Length BL inches 0.10 3.00
mm 2.54 76.2
Zero Range ZR yards 25 1000
metres 23 914
Bore Height BH inches 0.10 5.00
cm 0.25 12.70
Rifling Twist RT inches/revolution 1.00 36.00
cm/revolution 2.54 91.44
Twist Direction RTd Left OR Right
Rifling Click /mil 1 10
/tmoa 1 10
/smoa 1 10
Environment Station Pressure SP inHg 12.00 32.00
mb 406.4 1083.6
hPa 406.4 1083.6
psi 5.89 15.72
Relative Humidity RH % 1 100
metres -3271 9987
Coriolis Coriol Yes OR No
Primary Measurement Units Resolution Accuracy
(if less)
Wind Speed
or Air Velocity
m/s 0.1 Larger of 3% of reading, least significant digit or 20 ft/min 0.6 to 60.0 m/s
0.6 to 40.0 m/s
1 inch diameter impeller with precision axle and low-friction Zytel® bearings.
Start-up speed stated as lower limit, readings may be taken down to 0.4 m/s | 79 ft/min | 1.5 km/h | .9 mph | .8 kt after impeller start-up.
Off-axis accuracy -1% @ 5° off-axis; -2% @ 10° -3% @ 15°.
Calibration drift < 1% after 100 hours use at 16 MPH | 7 m/s.
Replacement impeller (NK PN-0801) field installs without tools (US Patent 5,783,753).
ft/min 1 18 to 11,811 ft/min
118 to 7,874 ft/min
km/h 0.1 2.2 to 216.0 km/h
2.2 to 144.0 km/h
mph 0.1 1.3 to 134.2 mph
1.3 to 89.5 mph
knots 0.1 1.2 to 116.6 knots
1.2 to 77.8 knots
Beaufort 1 0 to 12 B
Temperature °F 0.1 1.8 °F -49.0 to 257.0
-20.0 to 158.0
Air, water or snow temperature. Hermetically-sealed, precision thermistor mounted externally and thermally isolated (US Patent 5,939,645) for rapid response. Airflow of 2.2 mph | 1 m/s or greater provides fastest response and reduction of insulation effect. Calibration drift negligible.
°C 0.1 1.0 °C -45.0 to 125.0
-29.0 to 70.0
Relative Humidity %RH 0.1 3.0 %RH 0.0 to 100.0%
5.0 to 95.0% non-condensing
Polymer capacitive humidity sensor mounted in thin-walled chamber external to case for rapid, accurate response (US Patent 6,257,074). To achieve stated accuracy, unit must be permitted to equilibrate to external temperature when exposed to large, rapid temperature changes and be kept out of direct sunlight. Calibration drift +/- 2% over 24 months. RH may be recalibrated at factory or in field using Kestrel Humidity Calibration Kit (NK PN-0802).
Pressure inHg 0.01 typical 0.04 inHg
max 0.07 inHg
0.30 to 32.48 inHg Air pressure at the location. Adjustable reference altitude allows display of station pressure or barometric pressure corrected to MSL. Monolithic silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor with second-order temperature correction. Pressure sensor may be recalibrated at factory or in field. Kestrel 2500 and 3500 display continuously updating three-hour barometric pressure trend indicator: rising rapidly, rising, steady, falling, falling rapidly. Kestrel 4000 series displays pressure trend through graphing function.
hPa (mb) 0.1 typical 1.5 hPa
max 2.5 hPa
300.0 to 1100.0 hPa 10.0 to 1100.0 hPa
PSI 0.01 typical 0.02 PSI
max 0.04 PSI
0.14 to 15.95 PSI
Wind Direction
Forward Heading
° 1 0 to 360° 2-axis solid-state magnetoresistive sensor mounted perpendicular to unit plane to permit operation while measuring wind speed. Declination/variation adjustable for True North readout. Accuracy of measurements dependent upon unit's vertical position. Self-calibration routine eliminates magnetic error from batteries or unit and must be run after every full power-down (battery removal or change).
Cardinal 16 Points 0 to 360°
Crosswind &
mph 1 10% Refer to stated ranges for wind speed. Effective wind relative to a target or travel direction. Calculated from wind speed, wind direction and target heading. Auto-switching headwind/tailwind indication.
ft/min 1 10%
km/h 0.1 10%
m/s 0.1 10%
knots 0.1 10%
Wind Chill °F 0.1 1.8 °F Refer to stated ranges for wind speed and temp. Perceived temperature resulting from combined effect of wind speed and temperature. Calculated based on the NWS Wind Chill Temperature (WCT) Index, revised 2001, with wind speed adjusted by a factor of 1.5 to yield equivalent results to wind speed measured at 10 m above ground. Specification temperature limits established by WCT Tables.
°C 0.1 1.0 °C
Heat Index °F 0.1 3.6 °F Refer to stated ranges for temp. and relative humidity. Perceived temperature resulting from the combined effect of temperature and relative humidity. Calculated based on NWS Heat Index (HI) tables.
(Specification temperature limits established by HI tables.)
°C 0.1 2.0 °C
Wet Bulb Temperature (Psychrometric) °F 0.1 3.6 °F Refer to stated ranges for temp., relative humidity and pressure. Temperature indicated by a wet bulb psychrometer under forced aspiration. Calculated from temperature, relative humidity and pressure.
°C 0.1 2.0 °C
Dewpoint °F 0.1 3.6 °F Refer to stated ranges for temp. and relative humidity. Temperature to which the air must be cooled at a constant pressure for water vapour to condense into water. Calculated from temperature and relative humidity.
°C 0.1 2.0 °C
Altitude ft1 typical 50 ft
max 98 ft
-2,300 to 85,000 ft Height above Mean Sea Level ("MSL"). Temperature compensated pressure (barometric) altimeter requires accurate reference barometric pressure to produce maximum absolute accuracy.
m 1 typical 15 m
max 30 m
-700 to 25,900 m
Density Altitude ft 1 246 Refer to stated ranges for temp., relative humidity and pressure. Air density converted to equivalent sea level elevation at the International Standard Atmosphere. Calculated from temperature, pressure and relative humidity.
m 1 75
Max/Avg Wind Max and average wind calculation may be started and stopped independently of data logging of other values, along with all other wind-related functions: air velocity, crosswind, headwind/tailwind, wind chill, WBGT, TWL, evaporation rate.
Data Storage & Graphical Display, Min/Max/Avg History Minimum, maximum, average and logged history stored and displayed for every measured value. Large capacity data logger with graphical display. Manual and auto data storage. Min/Max/Avg history may be reset independently. Auto-store interval settable from 2 seconds to 12 hours, overwrite on or off. Logs even when display off except for 2 and 5 second intervals (code version 4.18 and later). Data set capacity by model shown.
Data Upload Requires optional PC interface (USB or RS-232) or Bluetooth enabled model and provided software.
Available Bluetooth®
Data Connect
Adjustable power consumption and radio range from up to 30 ft | 9 meters. Individual unit ID and 4-digit PIN code pre-programmed for easy identification and data security when pairing and transmitting. Employs Bluetooth Serial Port Protocol for data transmission.
Display & Backlight Multifunction, multi-digit monochrome dot-matrix display. Choice of aviation green or visible red (NV models only) electroluminescent backlight. Automatic or manual activation.
Response Time & Display Update All measurements except those based on relative humidity respond accurately within 1 second. Relative humidity and all measurements which include RH in their calculation may require as long as 1 minute to fully equilibrate to a large change in the measurement environment. Display updates every 1 second.
Clock / Calendar Real-time hours:minutes:seconds clock, calendar, automatic leap-year adjustment.
Operational & Storage Temperature Range The operational temperature range of the liquid crystal display and batteries is 14° F to 131° F / -10 °C to 55 °C. Measurements beyond the operational range can be taken by briefly exposing unit to extreme conditions such that the display and batteries remain within the operational range. Storage range -22 °F to 140 °F / -30 °C to 60 °C.
Auto Shutdown User-selectable -- 15 or 60 minutes with no key presses or disabled.
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
Certifications CE certified, RoHS and WEEE compliant. Individually tested to NIST-traceable standards (written certificate of tests available at additional charge).
Battery AAA Alkaline, two, included. Average life, 400 hours of use, reduced by backlight or Bluetooth radio transmission use.
Environmental Waterproof (IP67 and NEMA-6). MIL-STD-810F, Transit Shock, Method 516.5 Procedure IV; unit only; impact may damage replaceable impeller.
Size & Weight 5.0 x 1.8 x 1.1 in / 12.7 x 4.5 x 2.8 cm, 3.6 oz / 102 g.
Colour Options Olive Drab | Desert Tan

The manufacturer reserves the right to amend the specification and therefore the information in this document may be subject to change.

Firmware Updates
Updating your Applied Ballistics Firmware (4.93) (ZIP file)
(Includes instructions for Bluetooth® Classic and Non-Bluetooth) Rev. 12.9.15
Applied Ballistics Profile Loader (Version 33) (ZIP file)
User Instruction Manuals
Kestrel 4500NV with Applied Ballistics instructions
How to update your Kestrel Shooter's Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics to Version 4.83
Applied Ballistics Profile Loader Instructions
User Instruction Bundles
Applied Ballistics Help Files (ZIP file)
includes Applied Ballistics FAQ, Connecting my Kestrel using Bluetooth - Applied Ballistics and Using the Bootloader for AB models
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