SpaceLogger OEM solutions

OEM Customisation

SpaceLogger PCB for equipment integration We offer customised SpaceLogger data logging solutions to OEM customers.

The hardware in a SpaceLogger includes data input options of two RS232 ports, two 4-20mA analogue channels and 2 digital I/O channels. There is also the option of a real-time clock with battery backup for time-stamping data.

The SpaceLogger firmware may be customised to provide specific solutions for OEM customers, to suit a particular application.

We offer customised cabling configurations to replace the standard screwless terminal strip. This provides the neatest solution when selling on to the end-user.

The SpaceLogger is also available just as a PCB (circuit board) for integration into third party equipment.

OEM customers may also order customised labelling options and non-standard enclosure colours. In addition to the standard black, a choice of grey (off-white) or semi-translucent blue is available.

Please contact our sales office to discuss your data logging requirements and to obtain our OEM price guide.

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Typical Firmware Customisation

• Each cycle stored as individual file
• Detection of 'FAIL' in a cycle print-out to trigger an alert that may be silenced only by operator intervention
• Inclusion of a Checksum of the data output to improve data integrity
• Detection of the serial number of the equipment for file management
• Inclusion of CTS (clear to send) or DCD (data carrier detect) control output
• Data saved with custom file extensions other than .TXT
• Data logging enabled only when a logic level goes high

Typical Hardware Customisation

• PCB supply only
• Custom cable assembly with D-type (or other) connector to suit specific equipment serial ports
• Power taken from the connected equipment rather than via a mains adaptor
• Own-brand labelling
• Enclosure colour options - white, black, blue

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