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Wireless Connected (50 Series) Data Loggers

These SpaceLoggers are either connected by Wi-Fi, which are the 50 series SpaceLoggers, or by Bluetooth for the DROP loggers.

The 50 series of compact low energy consumption data loggers have been designed by our engineers for industry specific applications. If you have an OEM requirement then please see our OEM page and call us to discuss.

The DROP loggers are small, rugged, waterproof, and accurate environmental data loggers with integral sensors. Kestrel LiNK is the free app the powers the DROP data logger. With Kestrel LiNK on your smart phone or tablet, you can view real-time readings from any DROP logger within wireless range (up to 30m or more line of sight) via Bluetooth low energy.

Richard Paul Russell has supplied SpaceLoggers to be utilised in a wide range of applications. Please read our case studies for the 50 series data loggers.

You can easily compare the Wi-Fi SpaceLoggers and the DROP data loggers in the tables below:

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Wi-Fi Data Loggers

  D50 W50
  £POA £204.95
Interface to device/sensor
RS232 compatible
Input connector type
RJ12 connector  
D-type connector
OEM specific available
Conection to network
Wireless module, with internal aerial and WPS
Data storage & viewing
Micro SDHC card, 8 GB supplied, and max
FAT 16 or 32, 8.3 file names, sector 512 Bytes
Cycle Manager software enabled  
Audible/Visual indicators
LED status indicators and audio bleeper
Real Time Clock
Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)  
5 V DC +- 10% and typically 200 mA

* Prices include VAT at 20% and standard delivery within the E.U. Please see our shipping terms

Bluetooth Data Loggers

  £ £ £ £ £
Relative Humidity  
Heat Stress Index  
Dewpoint Temperature  
Temperature Humidity Index        
Density Altitude        
Wet Bulb Temperature        
Absolute Pressure      
Pressure Trend      
Logging Rate
CR2032 Coin Battery
IP67 Standard
Less than 35g
5 Year Warranty

* Prices include VAT at 20% and standard delivery within the E.U. Please see our shipping terms

Range of wireless connected SpaceLoggers

Wi-Fi connected SpaceLoggers

SpaceLogger D50
Electronic autoclave decontamination cycle recording and associated Cycle Manager software.


SpaceLogger W50
Logging of RS232 wind & weather data with wireless upload.
Includes 2Gb Memory Card.

£ inc VAT

Bluetooth connected DROP loggers

Kestrel DROP D1 Wireless Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger (compatible with iOS & Android)
Blind data logger for recording temperature developments.

£ inc VAT

Kestrel DROP D2 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Data Logger (compatible with iOS & Android)
Blind data logger for measuring temperature, humidity, heat index and dew point.

£ inc VAT

Kestrel DROP D2AG
Livestock heat stress can cause serious health issues in your valuable livestock as well as reduced dairy and herd productivity.

£ inc VAT

Kestrel DROP D3 Wireless Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Data Logger (compatible with iOS & Android)
Blind data logger for measuring temp, humidity, heat index, dew point temp, wet bulb temp & more.

£ inc VAT

Kestrel DROP D3FW
Track weather conditions and record trends at a burn site or from the minute you get on a fire, then export data to get crucial information where it needs to go.

£ inc VAT