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Bluetooth Connected Weather System

When power supply is limited and/or the installation location excludes the use of direct wiring of the sensor our Bluetooth systems deliver the perfect solution. The WeatherFile BLE Android App shows you wind speed, wind direction, 3 second gusting averages and temperature with a map interface showing sensor location (within 50m). Users can select averaging and logging periods and share data, all in the palm of your hand via smart phone or tablet.

Available in three standard models: Bluetooth only from which data can be viewed over the WeatherFile BLE Android App within 50m; Bluetooth Wired additionally offers the reliability of a direct wired connection to; Bluetooth with gateway link allows wireless connection to a Bluetooth receiver and onward connection to

Key Features

• Fast 'plug and play' set up. Live data within minutes
• Wind speed, wind direction & temperature
• Self-Powered via integrated solar panel & internal battery
     • Up to 30 days whilst measuring with no sunlight
     • Up to 1 year in sleep mode with no sunlight
     • 3 second gusting average
     • Current wind speed
     • Current wind direction
     • Average wind speed, user defined time period
• Optional Wi-Fi or GSM mobile cellular network connection to
     • 24/7 fully managed public internet accessible view of live data
     • Individual site intranet landing page as standard
     • 14-day data history graphs as standard
     • Data can be downloaded for detailed analysis and graphing
     • Email alert functionality when set parameters have been met, such as wind speed
• Robust construction
• No moving parts
• Extremely low maintenance
• Maintenance-free, super-accurate sensor resulting in a cost-effective long-term solution
• 2-year warranty as standard

Standard System Options

Calypso Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station
Self powered wind monitoring station with Bluetooth App
Calypso Wired Bluetooth & WeatherFile Station
View data locally over Bluetooth App & remotely via

If you wish to discuss Bluetooth connected systems in more detail or require help in delivering a bespoke solution our technical team are here to help. Please email us on or call on +44 (0) 1590 641223.