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Tower Crane & Construction Site Weather Systems


Managing Weather Risk On Construction Sites

Construction projects operate under risk of varying wind & weather conditions and as such monitoring weather conditions and especially wind speed and wind direction are vitally important when it comes to safe operation. Adverse weather conditions including high rainfall, wind gusts and high wind speeds pose a particular threat, especially for construction projects with workers at height and those using tower cranes. Crane operation on construction sites is limited to certain wind conditions. Understanding, recording and acting when wind speeds reach their high wind speed limit is essential and as such it is a necessity that tower cranes are fitted with anemometers. RPR Ltd are specialists in this area, partnering with organisations such as ATLAS (The Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists) and their recent Wind Guidance Note for Working at Height.

Wind & Weather Monitoring Options

RPR Ltd crane systems meet the advice from the Construction Plant-hire Association's Tower Crane Interest Group. Richard Paul Russell Ltd offer a wide range of solutions for monitoring weather conditions across a wide variety of construction site scenarios. Systems utilise the highest quality ultrasonic sensors that require no maintenance and have no moving parts that can jam, break or wear out delivering extremely accurate and reliable live weather and wind data, day in day out.

Hurst Charts

Internet Connected Weather Station

Our systems allow live data to be viewed locally over Bluetooth (4.1) and/or via our cloud solution WeatherFile using any internet connected device such as smartphone and/or a local display or directly integrated into the crane PLC or building BMS allowing timely and effective health and safety management decisions. All historical data is available without charge and easily downloadable into .CSV (Excel) format for reports and incident investigation.

Advantages of our Internet Connected Crane Systems

• Reduces crane and equipment downtime by supplying live accurate wind and weather data minimising workplace disputes and maximising efficiency
• Manage work schedule, improve efficiency and employee welfare
• Monitor not just wind conditions but also rainfall, temperature and heat stress minimising employee downtime and material wastage associated with extremes in environmental conditions
• Super-fast email alerts of weather extremes assist in quick management response helping to re-allocate labour and maximise workplace safety
• Live data view in the palm of your hand through any internet connected device
• Unlimited data storage with immediate download
• Assists in ensuring health and safety compliance including LOLER
• Complete date and time stamped data in easily downloadable .CSV (Excel) format
• Multiple locations can be supported with single page view
• Maintenance-free super accurate sensors resulting in a cost effective long term solution

Available in nine standard models, we also work with clients delivering bespoke solutions for their individual unique requirements. Call our technical team on +44 (0) 1590 641223 or email

Internet Connected System Options

WeatherFile GSM Connected Tower Crane System
The GSM Connected Tower Crane system is the ultimate solution for live wind and weather monitoring for cranes and construction sites. GSM connectivity allows remote wireless data access from any location.
WeatherFile GSM Connected Tower Crane System & Local Display
This system has additional functionality of a programmable display that operates an audible alarm. GSM connectivity allows remote wireless data access from any location.
Calypso Wired Bluetooth & WeatherFile Station
View data locally over Bluetooth App & remotely via

Bluetooth System Options

Calypso Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station
Self powered wind monitoring station with Bluetooth App

Non Internet Connected System Options

FlexiMet Tower Crane & Local Display System
The FlexiMet tower crane system with local programmable display and alarm offers a simple and cost effective solution for monitoring wind speed and direction locally.
FlexiMet Tower Crane, Display & Data Logging
This system has the capability of logging all data locally in addition to the programmable display and alarm.
FlexiMet Tower Crane, PLC Integrated & Display
This system has the capability of integration with the crane PLC system in addition to a local independent display and optional GSM cellular connection.
FlexiMet Radio Link Tower Crane System
This system uses a radio modem connection to transmit weather data when no GSM mobile cellular connection is viable or when long cable runs are not suitable.