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Meteorological Displays, Monitors & Apps

RPR Ltd offer a comprehensive range of displays, monitors and Apps to present your weather data. Each option of display has specific functionality and benefits: The WS-15A display is user programmable allowing a volt free relay output to activate for example an alarm or door switch when a pre-set wind speed limit has been exceeded. Large outdoor LED displays enable wind data to be readable from distance, a common requirement on construction sites; WeatherFile Connected Monitors allow for a bespoke display of data directly from WeatherFile BLE and Calypso Anemotracker App display data directly to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

We work with clients delivering bespoke solutions for their unique requirements, so if you don't see quite what you need call us on +44 (0) 1590 641223 or email us at to discuss your specific requirements.

View Our Complete Meteorological Displays Range Below:

WS-15A Programmable Display
An easy to read 40-character LCD display with volt free relay output and sensor / system status functionality.
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Large 4" Outdoor LED Display
Fully sealed IP65 rated waterproof display for outdoor use with a viewing distance up to 25m.

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WeatherFile Connected Monitor (WCM)
A high-quality LED monitor solution allowing a bespoke design and layout of wind and weather data gathered directly from

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WeatherFile BLE Android App
An Android App for accurate wind speed, wind direction and temperature measurements from Calypso Bluetooth (BLE) enabled sensors. Ideal for terrestrial applications such as tower cranes and construction sites.
Calypso Anemotracker App links to play and apple
Calypso Anemotracker App
An iOS or Android wind Instrument in your Smartphone, calculate simulated wind, true/apparent wind and track your sailing route.

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