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WeatherFile WF2 System

Product code: WSWF2

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with UK Plug power supply unit
with European Plug power supply unit

The WeatherFile WF2 system provides a professional solution to live wind and weather monitoring with the addition of a local standalone display.

The WeatherFile Connection Unit (WCU) receives data from the sensor via the local Wi-Fi network to the internet where it can be viewed via the WeatherFile website over the public internet or locally on PC. In addition data is shown on a local 'kiosk' display that can be presented in a format based around your specific requirements. Quick and easy to install the system offers a robust 'fit and forget' solution.

Choose your sensor based on the parameters you want to measure.

  Calypso CV7-V FT742-DM WS1 MetPak GMX200 GMX500 GMX600
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Apparent / True Wind Speed          
WMO Wind AV/Gust          
Air Temperature        
Air Pressure            
Relative Humidity          
Absolute Humidity            
Barometric Pressure          
Dew Point          
GPS Positioning          

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Item Description

• Fast 'plug and play' set up. Live data within minutes.
• 24/7 fully managed public internet accessible view of live data from your location wherever you are via
• Individual site intranet landing page as standard.
• Local pre-programmed 27" LED screen display formatted to your specific requirements.
• 14 day data history graphs as standard.
• Data can be downloaded for detailed analysis and graphing.
• A full suite of weather parameters can be measured including wind speed, wind direction, apparent and true wind, WMO wind average and gust, air temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, absolute humidity, barometric pressure, dew point and precipitation.
• Optional compass and GPS positioning.
• Email alert functionality when set parameters have been met, such as wind speed or wind speed in relation to wind direction.
• Maintenance free super accurate ultrasonic sensors, a cost effective lifetime solution.
• Lightning protection can be added, please contact us for a quotation.
• 2 year warranty as standard.

Item Contents

• Sensor (dependent on your selection).
• WindSonic Mounting Mast (anodised aluminium, 0.9metres long).
• 15m RS232 Cable (between sensor & WCU) with WSCONN and Binder WCU connector.
• Weatherfile Connection Unit.
• Connection to WeatherFile Website.
• Power Supply Unit with Binder connector for WCU.
• 27" LED display screen with pre-programmed connection.

Case Study


RPR Ltd. has recently successfully installed a bespoke weather system for a private residence on the Isle of Wight in Yarmouth. Our client had a set list of requirements including the wish to receive wind and weather data from any location he happened to be in, whether that be from home, work, or out and about on the island. He also wanted to be able to share this data with friends and family from his home, a hill top location with a great vantage point over Yarmouth Harbour. This was achieved by connecting a WindSonic Sensor to our WeatherFile Connection Unit (WCU), which in turn relays data to Every Blue Dot (an ActiveGeotag) on the map shows the position of an active sensor site that is sending live data. The ActiveGeotag shows the Live Wind Speed and Direction and is updated every 10 seconds.

In a unique design, we were able to custom design a 3m mast to provide extra height for our sensor, avoiding anticipated 'wind bounce' from the roof apex. To ensure that this equipment did not stand out on the building's façade, we were able to arrange for the mast to be powder coated to the exact RAL shade of the property, minimising the visual impact, much to the delight of the customer.

From this newly created system, our client is now able to compare data from his home, as well as our weather system at Yarmouth Harbour Yacht Club, giving a full picture of the Harbour, from sea level to cliff height. Should he wish to partake in water sports farther afield, he can now receive data on from all 44 locations where RPR Ltd. have installed a weather system around the coast.

Please contact RPR Ltd. for information on how to obtain your own bespoke system.