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Calypso Portable Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station Calypso Portable Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station Calypso Portable Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station Calypso Portable Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station

Calypso Wired Bluetooth Anemometer

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• Wind speed, wind direction & temperature
• NMEA 0183 (RS422, RS485) data output & Bluetooth BLE 4.1 communication
• Sample rate: 0.5 - 10 Hz
• 20m cable as standard (other lengths available on request)
• Compact; diameter 70 mm, height 57 mm
• Lightweight; 135 grams
• 330mm aluminium mounting mast included
• Robust construction
• No moving parts
• Extremely low maintenance
• 24 months warranty

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Compatible with iOS & Android

Item Description

Small, light and incredibly compact the Calypso Ultrasonic Wired Bluetooth anemometer with NMEA 0183 data output and Bluetooth 4.1 communication link allows you to simultaneously communicate the wind data to your boat’s NMEA 0183 network and displays. In addition, you can view data locally with an IOS or Android compatible App via Bluetooth communication within 50m (see links below).

Incredibly simple to install the sensor comes complete with a 20m cable as standard and simply screws onto the 33cm high quality aluminium mounting mast (also included), this mounting mast has a base compatible with standard VHF antenna mounts (1"-14 UNS thread) and is drilled to run the cable through its centre (Ø 20 drill to allow wiring).

For terrestrial applications the sensor allows users to view data locally over Bluetooth (50m range) with the App and when combined with the WeatherFile Connection Unit (WCU) or WeatherFile Mobile Unit (WMU) remotely using any internet connected device. This allows for guaranteed data collection and accessibility regardless of local communication limitations ensuring a reliable cost effective highly accurate wind and temperature station. You can learn more about WeatherFile and view our complete range here.

Apps are available for Android and IOS as follows;
• Calypso Anemotracker Marine App Android. Calculates simulated wind, true/apparent wind and is a tracker for sailing vessels
• Calypso Anemotracker Marine App IOS. Calculates simulated wind, true/apparent wind and tracker for sailing vessels
• WeatherFile BLE App Android (For terrestrial use). Displays live wind speed and direction, calculates and displays WMO 3 second gusting average, logs and shares data

Wind Speed

• Range: 0 to 25 m/s
• Resolution: ±0.1 m/s at 10m/s

Wind Direction

• Range: 0 - 360°
• Resolution: ±1°


• Sample rate: 0.5 - 10 Hz
• Ultrasonic transducers (4x)

Secondary Sensors

• Thermometer, Gyroscope, Accelerometer
(Accuracy may vary depending upon the App used, its release and the firmware version).


• VCC 5V - 24V

Data Output

• Bluetooth 4.1
• NMEA0183 (RS422, RS485)*
    * Sentences selectables via Bluetooth
• Baud rate: 4800/38400 (8n1) bauds


• Current version: 0.65

IP Code

• NOT allowed to be submerged fully or partially in water.


• Diameter: 70 mm
  • Height: 57 mm
  • Cable: 20 meters


• 130 grams