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Stand-Alone (10 Series) Data Loggers

Designed for applications where data does not need to be viewed in real-time, but can be logged and when appropriate manually transferred from the SpaceLogger's SD card to a PC or laptop. Particularly used in situations where wired LAN connection or Wi-Fi is either unavailable or undesirable to use. These SpaceLoggers are compact, economical and robust with low power consumption. The A10, S10 and T10 are generic SpaceLoggers with extensive capability for application specific configuration, the D10 and W10 have been designed for particular industry applications.

Richard Paul Russell has supplied SpaceLoggers to be utilised in a wide range of applications. Please read our case studies for the 10 series data loggers.

You can easily compare the stand-alone SpaceLoggers below:

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  Analogue A10 Serial S10 Text T10 Autoclave D10 Wind/Weather W10
  £ £ £ £ £
Interface to device/sensor
RS232 compatible
2 channel input      
Analogue 4 to 20mA 2 channels        
Switch input      
Input connector type
Screwless terminals  
D-type connector (on lead)        
OEM specific available
Connection to PC/network
Manual transfer by SD card
Cycle Manager software        
Data Management/Storage
SD card, 2 GB (max) included
FAT 16 or 32, 8.3 file names, sector 512 Bytes
Conditional logging      
Serial output options    
Analogue to serial data conversion        
Audible/Visual indicators
LED status indicators & audio bleepers
Real Time Clock
Time stamping of data    
Accuracy +-40 ppm at 25 C    
Back up battery, CR2032    
7 to 30 V DC and at 12 V typically 10 mA

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Range of stand-alone SpaceLoggers

Generic SpaceLoggers

SpaceLogger A10 Analogue
4-20mA analogue inputs with time-stamping.
Includes 2Gb Memory Card.

£ inc VAT

SpaceLogger S10 Serial
Versatile dual channel RS232 logger for serial data sampling with time-stamping.
Includes 2Gb Memory Card.

£ inc VAT

SpaceLogger T10 Text
(TextLogger) Universal RS232 serial data recorder.
Includes 2Gb Memory Card.

£ inc VAT

Application Specific SpaceLoggers

SpaceLogger D10
Electronic decontamination record and validation system.
Includes 2Gb Memory Card.

£ inc VAT

SpaceLogger W10
(WindLogger) Logging of RS232 wind and weather data.
Includes 2Gb Memory Card.

£ inc VAT