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Kestrel 4000 USB Data Interface

Kestrel 4000 USB Data Interface

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With the Kestrel Computer Interface and Communicator software, the data stored on any of the Kestrel 4000 series pocket weather trackers may be uploaded to a PC.
This enables long-term storage of the data, further analysis and detailed charting.

• Upload weather data to a PC from any Kestrel 4000 series instrument
• Log environmental conditions continuously to a PC in real-time

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The Interface kit comprises a cradle to hold the Kestrel and a cable to connect to a USB port on the computer.

Should a RS232 9-pin serial connector be required to suit a serial port on a computer (instead of USB), a suitable cable is also available. Please ask for this option when you are ordering your Kestrel Interface.

Simply connect the interface cable to the appropriate port on your PC, rest the Kestrel on the cradle, and the Kestrel Communicator automatically recognises which model the Kestrel 4000 series meter you are using, and uploads the data accordingly.

The Kestrel Communicator Software is extremely easy-to-use, and allows users to review, analyse and store their data easily and efficiently.

Download Stored Data

Keep an electronic log of your data with the Kestrel Interface. With the Interface and software, data can be quickly and easily downloaded for analysis. With the Communicator software, the Kestrel's data can easily be charted and also exported for long-term storage or use in other applications.

Chart Stored Data

Chart entire data logs or custom selections easily, and automatically chart the data with the press of a button.

Clear Data and Set the Date and Time

The Interface also allows users to clear the Kestrel's memory banks, and synchronize your computer's date and time with your Kestrel Meter's.

The Kestrel PC Interface Comprises:

• Cradle : The Kestrel sits inside the cradle and communicates optically.
• USB cable : This plugs into the cradle at one end and any available USB port in your PC at the other end.
• Optional RS232 serial cable : This plugs into the cradle at one end and a serial port in your PC at the other end. (Not supplied as standard)



102 x 57 x 30 mm


180g (approx. excluding cable or Kestrel meter)

Computer Requirements




Bluetooth, Serial Port, USB Port or USB-to-Serial Adapter (for use with Serial Port cable)

Operating System

Windows XP & Higher


4 MB

Hard Disk Space

1.4 MB

Data sheet
Download PDF Kestrel Interface data sheet
User Instructions
Download PDF Kestrel Communicator Software Instructions
Software & Drivers
FREE to download and compatible with ALL Kestrel 4000 series models

Download Kestrel Communicator Software
Serial to USB Driver - 4MB
(NOTE: Please install this driver first)